Human Quilt Vol I

The first installment of a portrait series aimed at capturing the unseen thread that exists between every artist and designer — to celebrate and observe Portland, Oregon's unique creative community. Twenty portraits were created by projecting an original piece of art onto the back-lit frame of the person who created it.

What started as a simple photography exercise quickly turned into a full-blown documentation of twenty influential artists and designers in Portland. The culmination of these efforts resulted an exhibition at Beacon Sound gallery on October 14, 2017. Twenty large-format prints were displayed. All event photography by Thomas Teal.

Many of the artists photographed for this series are dear friends, others are new friends discovered while pursuing the project. Here's the list of everyone featured in Vol 1:

Ellen Wilde, Anton Pearson, Thomas Bradley, Haley Ann Bradley, Caleb Coppock, Orion Janecze, Brittany Lynn Hagen, Eric Reigert, Brett Stenson, Ben BarryCassandra Swa, Justine RobinsonKaren LeeRob LewisAdam GarciaJade Sturm, Nishat AkhtarLea LooAaron RayburnEric Nyffeler

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